Drain repair

A drain system is the pipes that carry outgoing waste water. Imagine what a mess it would be if your drain became clogged or was leaking. Imagine the problem when faced with a broken drain pipe. No need to panic, since QHR Leak and Line is at your service in The Colony, TX. The drain repair service we have been providing for over 13 years is all that you need. We have the latest leak detection tools and the most experienced plumbing personnel that allow us to find your under slab leak with unbelievable accuracy.

Have you got drainage issues? Call us today: (972) 625-8820

No doubt, the most frustrating of all plumbing issues is a leaking or clogged drain pipe. QHR Leak and Line utilizes the latest technology with camera inspection to efficiently and easily locate the problem. Even the most troublesome drain repairs can be completed with minimum disruption by using modern trenchless pipe technology.

Digging randomly to find your malfunctioning drain pipe will cost you a tremendous amount of money and hassle. Not to mention the issues you may encounter if the pipe goes under your driveway or your patio. Rest assured, we, at QHR Leak and Line will treat your home or business as if it was our own and provide drain repair service with as little harm to your property as possible.

We guarantee all of our work, and we also offer sewer services. Call on (972) 625-8820 for emergency or preventative maintenance drain services today and avoid frustration tomorrow.

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